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A comprehensive Volumetric Analysys
Welcome. Hearty welcome to taste the sweet Bhagavatha Purana Elixir of the great poet by birth Pothana. Let us enjoy the mirth (Paramaanandam) in the Bhagavatam, that too, in our own mother toque Telugu. Let us stroll in the universe called Bhagavatham in search of path to the utmost reality called Mukthi marg. This wonderful work is originally created by the great Vyasa Maharshi.
Potana Bhagavatam, one of the excellent grandhas (books) rewritten in Telugu language, has been a good source of knowledge for a long time. I enjoy reading this quite often. I feel it contains a universe of Knowledge in wonderful unlimited linguistic styles. I wanted to research on Bhagavatam to seggregate and enumerate all possible items in the grandham. Thus analyzing in Telugu, all the knowledge of Bhagavatam, linguistic study of the then Telugu in somewhat similar style of bibliography. Hence, in 2007, I have done an experimental work and published this on TeWiki (telugu Wikipedia) as “Bhavatham-Sankhaym”. Having able to do the work using hard-copy version of Potana Bhagavatam, I dared to take up the Comprehensive Volumetric Analysis of the great Purana, naming the same as Bhagavatam Gananopakhayanam (telugu word for Volumetric Analysis). Under this I am maintaining the blog “pothana-telugu-bhagavatham.blogspot.com” and publishing skandha wise text & meanings of “Pothana Telugu Bhagavatham” in scribd.com. For making it more user friendly and bring my work closer to lovers of Bhagavatam and Telugu literature and comprehensive I am trying to up load relevant file in the Blog / Sky drive of live.com.
For the purpose of this work, I have taken a standard windows-based PC, learnt data-input in Telugu language - using text files (word) and spreadsheets (excel) and started working on my above concept. This type of preparing a comprehensive and consolidated data in an Indian language, specifically in Telugu, is unique, innovative and without any precedence as far as I was able to verify with the research papers published on Telugu research papers ("Research in Telugu Language and Literature During the Period 1988–1997: An Analytical and Quantitative Study" by Professor Nityanandam, Osmania University et al).
This provides the data and knowledge generated through this ongoing research oriented work as well as to take comments from interested groups/individuals. I hope that the data made available:
- Can be leveraged/utilised by enthusiasts and professionals alike
- The breadth and depth of knowledge contained in this book (grandham) creates enthusiasm and interest in younger generation and emulate them to inculcate renewed interest in Telugu language. The contents of this site can broadly be classified
a)  The Bhagavatham poems (padyagadyalu) in textual form. For ready reference and convenience word by word meanings (Teeka Tippani) also provided.
b)   An ensemble of Explanations of certain words / phrases, Chandassu the metering of types of poems used in the Bhagavatham etc.
c)  The Volumetric Analysis details, as enumerated & segregated from above version Bhagavatam

Pothana retold Vyasa Bhagavatham in Andhra Bhasha in 12Skamdhas using more than 8 Lakh syllables fitted so naturally in 30 types of linguistic styles called Padya Gadyalu. The saying that if a person doesn’t know at least 1 or 2 poems from Pothana Bhagavatham. He cannot be considered as Telugu person. Such is the popularity of Pothana. The Bhagavatham contains not only moral, social value added Bhakthi stories, but also very beautiful Sringaraadhi navarasaspuritha articles with very beautiful linguistic prayogas like Alankaras, Sandhulu, Samasalu, in a very simple soft style called panchadara pakam (sugar juice). The stories / article are generally having their individual identity and readability. For example the wonderful stories of Gazendra mokham, Rukmini Kalyanam, Bali Chakarsvarthi kadha etc. The content is trustworthy, reliable, child safe, and is meant for self realization through the path of god in Hindu religion. All the poems are available under గ్రంథం button respective skamdha wise. Other items can be seen under relevant buttons.
The Volumetric Analysis entirely depends on the text of above Poems. All the content is in Unicode Telugu script in MS Office suit on windows platform. Hence, it is searchable, sortable and can utilize the facilities like filter, pivot table etc. The basic data banks of all words and their break up words (Pada keli), all syllable (Akshara keli) as per skamdha, padya number & name wise. For example see this computer generated pivot chart from data prepared showing number of poems having their first letter as Shri (శ్రీ) in various Skamdhas of potana bhagavatam.
As with any research oriented work done by single-handed enthusiast/hobbyist, inadvertent errors might have crept-in to a fair extent. I have tried to avoid errors through 10 - 12 times of proof-reading. Applying fresh pair of eyes and professional knowledge can help to improve this work and enhance the accuracy level, for which I will be ever thankful. If you are interested, please spend your valuable time on critical evaluation of the documents and highlight to me

Your suggestions & comments are highly solicited. For any comments, further details or references, feel free to contact me by posting comments here or on my gmail address <> or my live.com.sg mail address <>.